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Our Thornton, CO Plumbing Technicians are Green Plumbers

Our Thornton plumbers are green plumbersPlumbing practices have changed drastically in the last ten years as water and energy conservation have become more serious, and much more real, concerns. Updating your plumbing infrastructure and usage habits can be a powerful way of saving money and preventing resource waste. Today, there is no shortage of plumbing products on the market designed to make your system more efficient by increasing water conservation and loss of heat from hot water systems. One of our Thornton, CO plumbing techs can help you sort through the options to find solutions that will make sense for your home, your lifestyle, and your water usage habits while saving you money on your monthly utility bills for years to come.

Hot Water Insulation From Our Thornton, Co Plumbing Techs

Heating water isn't any cheaper than heating the rest of your home. In fact, your water heating system can be responsible for up to 30% of your monthly energy consumption.

One of the easiest ways to bring your monthly bill down is to have our Thornton, Colorado plumbing techs insulate your hot water pipes. Improperly insulated pipes can radiate heat rapidly during the colder months, leaving your morning showers colder and your hot water heater working double time. During the warmer months, they'll continue to radiate heat, raising the temperature inside your home and working against your air conditioning system to provide you comfort. Fortunately, our Thornton, CO plumbing experts can easily evaluate and retrofit your system to keep the runoff heat to a minimum.

High Efficiency Hot Water Heaters

Is your hot water heater wrapped? If it's an older model, you better double check, but if it's a newer model it probably doesn't have to be. Newer hot water heaters are well-insulated without any external wraps, and the heating elements tend to be more efficient thanks to the use of more conductive metals. Today, tankless water heaters are also available to provide on-demand water that doesn't continually cool off and heat up again during those cold winter nights.

Learn more about our tankless water heater options by visiting our tankless water heater page.

modern Eco Nexus toilet installed by our Thornton CO plumbing team High Efficiency Toilets

Pop quiz: what's the biggest water waster in your home? It's not your dish washer or your washing machine. It's not your shower or your sprinklers. It's your toilet.

Your older toilets were probably designed or installed at a time when utilities were so cheap they were practically free. That's why an older toilet can use as many as four gallons each time you flush, while a new model, like the Eco Nexus by Toto, uses a little over a gallon. With an average lifespan of about 150,000 flushes, you can waste - or save - nearly half a million gallons of water with a single toilet. 

Speak with our Thornton plumbers today about finding a high efficiency toilet that fits with your home's plumbing system. A well-designed plumbing system can allow for even higher-efficiency toilets by using grey water from your other fixtures and drains to help keep your waste pipes clear, while a less efficient plumbing system may require a toilet with a bit more flushing power. Models can also vary greatly by height and style, so let our helpful specialists help you decide on a model that will fit with your bathroom and lifestyle today.

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