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Drain Cleaning

clogged drain in Thornton Colorado requires clearingWhile no job is too big or too small for one of our Thornton drain clearing experts, sometimes you don't even want to wait for the fastest plumbers on earth. When we're on the clock, we clean our drains with high-pressure water jetters and other specialized equipment that costs thousands of dollars, but makes sense when you unclog as many drains as we do.

But when we're at home, we have another trick that can sometimes do the job without calling in the cavalry. Try pouring a half cup of baking soda down your drain, followed by a half cup of vinegar. It should fizz up for a few minutes, breaking up most of the common materials that cause blockages, and when you wash it out with hot water the flow should be notably better, if not completely clear.

All natural drain clearing really works

If all else fails, our Thornton drain clearing team can bring the power augurThere are several reasons to try vinegar and baking soda instead of a bottle of commercial pipe cleaner. First, you probably keep baking soda and vinegar around the house already, meaning that you won't have to keep anything else stocked. Second, because both are food products, you're using a biodegradable solution that won't taint Thornton's waste water, unlike most bottled plumbing products. Third, the vinegar and baking soda solution doesn't have the potential to damage your pipes, unlike liquid plumbing products, which can be just as corrosive to old pipes as they can be to clogs.

Try plunging your sink

Of course, don't forget to try plunging your sink, either. It's easy to forget that you can use plungers on drains other than in your toilet, and you'll find that many drain blockages can be cleared with nothing more than a little elbow grease. Many sinks have an overflow near the top of the bowl, on the side opposite from the faucet, so you'll need to plug that will a towel so the pressure can do the job.

Need help? Call our Thornton drain clearing team!

power jetting system used by our Thornton drain cleaning teamNext time your drain clogs up, give these easy tips a shot - they just may make your life a bit easier. But if that clog's just a little too stubborn, our Thornton drain clearing team is still here to help with their advanced drain cleaning technology. Our plumbers use only the most powerful, most reliable high-pressure jetting machines in the industry - ones that will be able to clear even the toughest, most tenacious drain blockages. Unlike the baking soda and vinegar method, however, these machines require advanced training and careful operation. Misuse of a high pressure jetter can back up plumbing systems even worse, rupture older pipes, or cause damage to fixtures and foundations, which is why we take our equipment training very, very seriously. For buildings with older, less reliable plumbing systems, we also have a variety of other drain cleaning methods that will do the job while putting less pressure on your pipes.

For more information about our drain cleaning methods, or to schedule an appointment, call us at 303-835-7401.

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